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    Submit Button Not Working For Customers

      Im running XP Pro
      The question relates to Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional
      HP computer, HP Printer, 2 GB ram

      We have a registration form at our website that the visitor fills out in order to register in one of our classes.

      If it works correctly, once the visitor completes the form and hits the
      submit button, their email client should pop up and the form is then sent
      to us as an attachment to their email which is auto-addressed to us.

      The visitor is then required to click a "payment" button which takes the visitor to our order form.

      For some reason, the SUBMIT process is simply not working for SOME people (about half) although the "payment" button is working in the second stage of the enroll/pay process.

      Setting this problem aside for the moment, what we would prefer happen when the visitor clicks the SUBMIT button is that, rather than have their email client come up to send us the enrollment as an attachment, we would prefer that when the applicant his the submit button, the enrollment form is emailed DIRECTLY to us (not as an attachment to an email) and the applicant is then taken immediately to the order form.

      Can you give us any guidance with this situation?