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    Customization Wizard 9 - Disable Online Features Does Not Work

      I am working with the Adobe Customization Wizard 9 to create the MSI and MST files necessary to update our version of Acrobat Reader to 9 on our corporate network. I check the boxes for the options "Disable all Acrobat.Com access, including initiation and participation" and all of the check-boxes under "Online Features", except for "Disable Viewing of PDF with Ads for Adobe PDF". My goal is to disable all of the online features so that our users cannot update the version of Reader on their own, or work with Reader online.

      When I gererate the PDF and save to the MSI using the menu options, and then do the install, the program installs fine; however, the online options are all still enabled. Has anyone else seen this? I have tried to install the Customization Wizard on 2 "clean" (no other apps installed, except for Windows XP)computers. I have deleted the MSI and MST files and created them from scratch from both computers. I have tried this install using a computer that is not a member of our domain (no security policies enforced). I am not sure what to try next? We do not have an Adobe Support Agreement yet (my Manger is working to get one), so I cannot call Adobe for support, for Reader, without the agreement.

      If you have any ideas, please let me know. I really appreciate your assistance and help with this!

      Thank you!