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    how to stop content preparation

      When I open a .pdf document, a "content preparation" starts. If it's one page document, this is not a problem. However, quite often, I have large documents, several hundred pages... Then it's annoying to wait for content preparation for reading, which I do not need.
      How to turn off completely this process?
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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          In the preferences of Adobe Reader change the settings in the category 'Reading'.
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            Thanks for your suggestion, Bernd. Yes, that what I did in the first place, all the boxes in the Reading are clear. However, there is no option to stop reading completely. Therefore, when I want to skip from page to the next page, it takes long time...
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              I'm 100% with you!!! I don't want to change the direction of the reading or the speaker's voice or the speed of reading or the tone I just want it to stop wasting time preparing to read the document. I'm sure the reading feature is great for some people but call me old fashioned for wanting to read it myself.
              A nice check button that said "Don't prepare for reading at all" would be nice if any adobe developers are reading this.

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                ...\Adobe\Reader 8.0\Reader\plug_ins\
                there are 3 files you should delete (or maybe just rar them so you still got them in case something goes wrong)
                Accessibility.api, MakeAccessible.api, ReadOutLoud.api
                (if that gives troubles, just delete the files with the same name and .xxx where xxx stands for a certain language too)

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                  buck415 Level 1

                  This automatic can't-turn-it-off Content Preparation feature is seriously inhibiting my productive time.

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                    Thanks, prototype85!  That did it.  I knew there had to be SOME way to get rid of that annoying "prepare for reading".

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                      Big_Orange_Ogre Level 1

                      For anyone else having this problem... i am using adobe x but the problem started yesterday and I knew it had to be something that got changed... Turns out the Tablet input toolbar was turned on in my task bar.  turned this off and no more popup.  right click on start bar choose toolbars and unselect tablet input.  Thanks and Keep Cranking.

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                        Yes, in Reader XI these files are in C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Reader 11.0\Reader\plug_ins and I just appended the extension ".DISABLE". Note that updates to Reader may install new copies of these and you will have to re-do this.


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                          zjohnnylz Level 1



                          I unchecked Display in Read Mode by default and it stopped content preparation...I got to it from preferences under internet...

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                            pllacuna@lmco Level 1


                            Found the option to disable this feature (at least for acrobat!). See below:
                            1. Select Edit –> Preferences —> Accessibility
                            2. Under Other Accesibility Options, uncheck Enable assistive technology support.

                            3. Select Ok.


                            You may need to restart acrobat.

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                              Mike Verzella Level 1

                              OP was originally for 2009 but here in 2015 I've found that in Acrobat Pro DC the Content Preparation feature is... persistent.


                              From Adobe Help- Message "content preparation progress" when opening a PDF file


                              1. Go to Edit > Preferences > Reading.

                              2. Under "Screen Reader Options" select "Only read the currently visible pages".


                              This will prevent Acrobat from pre-loading the document and for me has solved the annoying pop up.

                              Or, as pllacuna@lmco explained, disable assertive support altogether.

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                                the0bot Level 1

                                I often use the read aloud feature, so some of these options are unacceptable.


                                I am willing to accept that document preparation is a consequence  of this preference, but why does it ever have to be done more than once for any document? 

                                I always thought they tried to make software 'intelligent' or at least not intrusive.  Why is Acrobat not able to remember that it already prepared a document and save the results?

                                When dealing with multiple documents (often 20 or more) it is far faster to close and reopen than to search the stack.  At least with anything but Acrobat.

                                Once again Adobe has found a way to stand out in a crowd, but like usual, it is not in a good way.


                                Come on, Adobe. Prove your program is not stupid.  Make it remember what it has already done when I reopen it. 


                                Or can't you?  If you need help with the code, just ask.  I'm sure there are one or two (hundred-thousand) capable software engineers in the world.

                                Give some thought to hiring a few, it would do wonders for your reputation.  Seriously.

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                                  thank you, this has been driving me nuts!

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                                    Just found your solution after uninstalling and reinstalling Acrobat Reader with no affect. This worked perfectly. Thanks!

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                                      Lynx_Paul Level 1

                                      That worked a treat pllacuna@lmco


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                                        For Adobe Reader DC (OS X) this is what did the trick


                                        Thank you!!!

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                                          kim wxxxxx

                                          Edit >Preferences

                                          Got to left column find Reading and click on it

                                          To the right area about 1/4 down (2nd header) is Screen Reader Options


                                          defaulted "For large documents, only read the currently visible pages "

                                                          "minimum number of pages in large document "20"

                                          Option 1 -  Leave the default and increase your minimum amount of pages to a higher number.  i.e. 100

                                          Option 2 - Change the "For large documents, only read the currently visible pages " to "Only read the currently visible pages", which will be the first page and speeds up this process and removes the script dialogue appearing on screen


                                          I chose Option 2 for my sanity purposes since I do have documents of 100+ pages on a regular basis

                                          Hope that helps! (currently used on both Adobe Pro DC and Adobe XI Standard versions as I work with both versions)

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                                            KJSTech Level 1

                                            It seems like changing the option "For large documents, only read the currently visible pages" alters this registry key in Acrobat XI:

                                            HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\11.0\Accessibility\ iReadingMode = (DWORD value 1)


                                            I just scripted out a reg key change for this and had a user log back in and noted the script worked and this value was set.  I had her open a large PDF again and voila, problem solved.  She is grateful for this change!  Adobe done wrong here, so glad there is a fix.  Now we can push this key out globally so everyone is happy again.


                                            We already pushed out bCheckReadMode = 0, and that fixed the nag prompt about untagged documents, but I guess there was more to it than that.  We currently set these keys now:

                                            HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\11.0\Accessibility\

                                            bCheckReadMode = 0

                                            iReadingMode = 1

                                            iWizardRun = 1

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                                              trav.is Level 1

                                              This problem just started happening to me on my mac, and I think I figured it out without trashing files.


                                              On a mac open acrobat, and then preferences. there is an accessibility option. Uncheck "enable assistive technology support" and the behavior should stop.

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                                                Thank you. That did it. What a stupid "feature." But that's Adobe for you.

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                                                  Thanks, Prototype85. This worked (though I cannot find any ReadOutLoud.api file to rename). What's very strange - I've been working in Acrobat DC for months on a PC laptop and never had this occur, but over the weekend it decided to start "preparing content" w/o me changing any settings. Must be big brother (which is why I despise the cloud service). Imagine if MS would stop everything on our machines and have a big banner plastered across our screens to tell us how it is furiously working away to align 1s and 0s to achieve what it believes to be "important" saves or actions on Windows programs.