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    Adobe PDF Creation Add-on keeps installing!

      Hi. I have a annoying problem on my Vista computer. Every time I click on a pdf related folder, program or file "Adobe PDF Creation Add-on" installs. Again and again, and all over again. Please help me fix this issue.

      Greeting from Norway

      (If you need more spesifications just say so :P )
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          Did you ever figure out how to fix your problem? I've got the same issue. I installed Acrobat Pro 8.1.4 upgrade and now it continually tells me its installing whenever I:

          1. Start my computer

          2. Start MS Office 2007

          3. Start Mozilla Firefox


          If I disable the addon to make PDFs then it doesn't try to install. The installation obviously doesn't work because even if I allow it to complete the installation process and restart it still tries to install again and the software doesn't work properly. Sometimes Acrobat opens, other times it just keeps trying to install.


          If you have figured out how to fix it, It would be nice if you could pass on the info.


          I did try using the MS Office installation cleaner (another forum recomended it), but that was totally useless.



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            I have the same problem. About all office document, i removed in registry all entry for PDFMaker.

            About others componen, i didn't find issue to resolve it.


            i think it is a problem with updates, for i didn't install new software.

            i hope adobe will find an issue.


            All informations would be welcome.