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    Elimination of COPY Stamp, in particular Canon product manuals in PDF format - solution.

      As mentioned elsewhere in these forums, for some unknown reason Canon put the highest level of security on their manuals. The effect of this is that when it is printed, or copied, (or input to other programs) or transferred to a Pocket PC / PDA, a large "COPY" is stamped over the page. Also Opacity is such that much of the manual is unreadable.

      From what I've read on various forum's this seems to be a Solution.
      - Remove the security. There are various products out there including "PDF Password Remover".
      - (This might not be needed) Open in Acrobat > Manage Security Policies and remove them.
      - Document > Watermark > Remove.
      - Someone also mentioned mentioned "FORM FIELDS", but I don't think that affects the Canon manuals.
      - Complain to Canon and ask for a version for Pocket PC/ PDA etc.