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    Adobe Reader 8 won't start in "hand tool" mode

      I have Adobe Reader 8.1.3 on Vista Home Premium.

      The program will not start in 'hand tool' reading mode, it always starts in 'select tool' mode and I have to change it manually. If I quit reader after switching it to 'hand tool' mode, it does not remember, and next time starts in 'select tool' mode again.

      In Edit -> Preferences -> General -> Basic Tools, the only Hand- or Select-tool checkbox that is checked is "Make Hand Tool Read Articles".

      Based on a similar question in the Adobe Reader Unix forum (http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.3c055988) I fould all the instances of registry key "aDefaultSelect" that I could (4 of them) and changed their values from "Select" to "Hand".

      However this did not solve the problem!

      Any help would be much appreciated.