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    Adobe Reader and Multi-file search: C A M B RI D G E in CC pdf


      I'm testing out Adobe Reader's search capabilities.

      Here's my issue: i've downloaded a few years of
      Citi Credit card statements.

      I tried searching CAMBRIDGE and got nothing.

      I went into a pdf and found that:

      the entries were listed as C A M B RI D G E

      by whatever mainframe is spitting out my
      account data.

      Here's the thing; i have *no idea* if *every*
      entry is bludstervasted the same way; i imagine
      that grep has facilitiies for searching the letter strings
      in a row regardless of extra stuff.

      Is there a way to omni-search for the letters CAMBRIDGE
      near each other so that most/all cases are in the group?



      p.s. am looking at Stemming and just using C A M...