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    Slow To Bring Up Print Screen

      I have Adobe Reader 9.0 and Business Tools 4.0. In both programs, when I click print (in each case - clicking on the print icon or ctrl-p or clicking the menu selection for print), it takes about 45 seconds from the time the command to print is given to the time the print window appears program. I do not have that problem with any other application - I get immediate response and printing. Thus, for Adobe only, it take me at least 50 seconds to print. Once the print window appears and the print command in the print window is clicked, printing starts immediately. It is like the program is looking internally - within the adobe programs - for the "adobe print window" and has a hard time finding or loading that function; once it loads and the print window pops up, all works as expected. I had the same problem with 7.0 before I installed 9.0 in October - hoping the 9.0 would eliminate the problem. Prior to October 2008, all was working well without the problem. I cannot determine what, if any, changes were made to my computer at that time that might have caused the problem. The load time is killing me. I have reinstalled both programs twice with no change. Please!!! Can someone help?