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    Changing Adobe Reader 8's Minimize behavior

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      I asked this same question last April and have found that message (http://www.adobeforums.com/webx/.59b4e7c9/3), but Reply is not an option there. Here's the recap:

      I need some advice on how to get Acrobat Reader 8 to change a specific behavior. System is Adobe Reader 8.1.2 on Windows XP SP2.

      Workflow is this:
      1. Open Adobe Reader.
      2. Click on the Maximize/Restore Down button to have it expand to fit the full screen.
      3. Click on the Minimize button to hide Acrobat Reader in the Task Bar while I work on something else.

      If I now open a PDF file by double-clicking it in Windows Explorer, Adobe Reader brings itself out of the Task Bar, but it switches into the smaller Restore Down window size instead of returning to Maximimized full screen mode.

      What do I need to set in Reader's preferences or elsewhere that will tell it to return to the same window size that it started at before being Minimized into the Task Bar?

      Since I posted that, I have learned that this changing window size only occurs when you have turned off the "Open PDF in browser" option. This makes sense, because the window size is being governed by the web browser that Adobe Reader is working inside.

      However, there's another aspect to this: when new documents are opened and Adobe Reader brings itself back up to the Restore Down window size, many times this is positioned so that the bottom and right sides of the window are beyond the dimensions of the desktop.

      This means that not only is the window size not returning to what the user wants it to be (Maximized), the user has to spend time moving the window to get to the Maximize/Restore Down button, or else double-click on the top of the window to force it into Maximized mode.

      Even manually changing the size of the window and holding down CTRL-ALT-SHIFT while clicking on the X in the upper-right corner of the window doesn't stop Adobe Reader from going back to the size and position it wants to. (Holding CTRL-ALT-SHIFT while closing an application with the X often causes it to remember the window size and position.)

      Since there are users who still need to use version 8, when will this issue be resolved?
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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Install update 8.1.3.
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            Update 8.1.3 did not stop this from happening. However, I have now figured out what's triggering it:

            Adobe Reader is re-sizing its window to fit the dimensions of the page, rather than returning to its previous dimensions and attempting to make the page fit within that window.

            Symptoms and ways to replicate the problem:

            1A. If AR is Maximized to fit the full screen, opening documents of different page sizes does not cause it to change the window size.

            1B. If AR has been Maximized to fit the full screen and you Minimize it to drop it down to the Task Bar, when you double-click on a PDF file, AR brings itself back up, but it switches to the Restore Down mode instead of returning to the Maximized mode. It then changes its window dimensions to fit the page size.

            2. If you have AR in the Restore Down mode so that it doesn't occupy the full screen, double-clicking on a PDF file triggers the window size change.

            3A. If you have AR in the Restore Down mode at the size you want, you can get it to stop changing the window size by clicking on the Maximize button, then opening a PDF file (either by double-clicking on it or by using the Open command in AR), then clicking on the Restore Down button to bring it back to the window size you started with.

            3B. You cannot prevent the window size from changing just by clicking on Maximize and then Restore Down. You must open at least one PDF file while AR is in Maximize mode before you click on Restore Down.

            4. When the window size changes, the start position of the window (the upper-left corner) will also change. Initially, I was seeing the window drop down and move right so that the window extended beyond the bottom of the Desktop. In testing it tonight, I have also seen the title bar at the top of the window jump up, causing the title bar to move past the top of the Desktop. It had moved so far up that I could not reach the top corners to resize it. I had to change the size by moving the right edge of the window and this caused the title bar to drop down about 6 pixels, just enough to make the title bar visible again. (Not sure why it dropped down like that since I was making a side-to-side change, but it was good that it did.)

            5A. The window size change occurred when opening PDF files with different page dimensions and orientation. Documents used to show this size change problem were: A3, A4, US Letter, 11x17 and some custom sizes like 7.17x10.13. Some were in portrait orientation and others were in landscape orientation.

            5B. The size change seems to occur when AR has to switch to displaying paper European paper sizes. Going from displaying a PDF file with US page size to opening a new PDF file with European page size triggers the change. The opposite does not occur (going from displaying a European page size to opening a PDF file with a US page size does not trigger the window size change).

            5C. If there is a change in the orientation of the page, such as going from US Letter Portrait to European A4 Landscape, the amount the size of the AR window changes seems to increase.

            So, it appears that the solution to this problem has two parts:

            1. Adjust AR so that it pays attention to whether it was in Maximize mode or Restore Down mode, so that if you Minimize it to the Task Bar, it will remember which mode to go back to.

            2. Give the size of the AR window a higher priority than the dimensions of the page in the PDF file that is to be displayed. (Or just change it so that AR never resizes itself to fit the PDF page size.)

            Temporary work-around:

            Either always run AR in full-screen Maximize mode, or else go through the steps shown in 3A and then never Minimize it to the Task Bar. If you do Minimize it, once you bring it back up, you will have to go through the process in 3A again.