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    Adobe Reader 9 prints garbage

      When printing some PDFs, the text output is incorrect (any graphics are OK).

      Each PRINTED text character is printed as the next ASCII character in sequence. As an example, the on-screen text "REGULAR" prints incorrectly as "SFHVMBS".

      My environment: Windows XP Pro SP3 with all current (most recent) updates; Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.13 with all current (most recent) updates; Canon printer PIXMA IP5000 with all current (most recent) updates; Acrobat Reader 9.0.0; Brother printer MFC420CN with all current (most recent) updates; The desktop PC has Dual Intel Pentium III 1000GHz processors and 512MBy RAM installed -- not seeing any errors in any other applications.

      This error occurs when printing PDFs from 2 different, unrelated web sites. This error does not always occur. When the print error occurs, the second print request is good. The good printout occurs WITHOUT reloading the document.

      All questions welcomed.

      Any advice appreciated.

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          same problem ,Adobe Reader 7, this error started week ago.
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            Having the same problem but fortunately I think I know WHEN this going to happen!

            I've had opened 2 different PDF documents - the first one I just liked to read, the other one only to print.

            Firstly I clicked printing in the second document while then going on reading in the other one.

            Acrobat Reader 9 then printed exactly one page "useful text" - this might be because at the time of start printing I was still in this document, the rest was completely garbaged!

            Maybe an effect might have also the circumstance that the printed docuemtn was only opened from web, not saved on disk!

            Used Config:

            Win XP with SP3 and latest updates/patches
            Acrobat Reader 9
            used with Mozilla Firefox 3.0.5 (latest version available)
            and printed on a Canon Pixma 4600

            p.s. after closing both docs, saving the one to print to disk, reopen it and then printing while staying inside the doc worked fine ^^
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              The "good news" is that both replies confirm the issue.

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                I work with Windows Vista and have the brother mfc420cn printer. I have found that if you print one page at a time you will get a good page.. it is only when you print multiple pages at once that the gibberish prints out. I am looking for a fix or patch somewhere as this process of printing can get tedious.
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                  This error happened only on my Canon PIXMA IP-5000 printer.

                  In one of the instances (web sites), the PDF was a single page document ... and the error happened on 4 out of 7 different visits to that site.

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                    I have this problem as well. This is by no means a solution if you intend on editing the .pdf file. However if you only need to print it, try this.

                    After clicking on the print button, click on the "advanced" button bottom left corner of the print confirmation window. Then check the box marked "print as image". This will stop the garbage text printing from happening.

                    Another option is to just download Foxit Reader. It is every bit as capable as Adobe Reader and is super light weight. Loads fast and is easy to navigate. You can download it from:


                    Hope this helps!