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    SAP/Adobe Interactive Forms ** HELP **

      Hello, I have been struggling with this for a couple weeks now. I to install a component called "Adobe Control from SAP AG" in my Citrix environment. Its an IE add-on that allows SAP interactive forms to display in IE using Adobe Reader. When the users log into the Netweaver server get an X where the form should be displayed. When I login as an Administrator I am prompted for the ActiveX install in IE. The problem is I want to know what this install does and pre-configure it with a script so the users are never prompted. <br /><br />SAP provides an EXE that is supposed to resolve the issue "xAcf_NW711.exe" <br /><br />Even after installing this I still get prompted as an admin and users now also get prompted for the ActiveX install. <br /><br />From what I can see the EXE copies and registers 5 files: <br />C:\Program Files\Common Files\SAP Shared\AdobeControl.dll <br />C:\Program Files\Common Files\SAP Shared\Ios_Acf.dll <br />C:\Program Files\Common Files\SAP Shared\OfficeControl.dll <br />C:\Program Files\Common Files\SAP Shared\PlaceHolder.dll <br />C:\Program Files\Common Files\SAP Shared\SapAcf.dll <br /><br />and another here: <br /><Acrobat Reader Install Dir>\Reader\Plugins\SapForms.api, in my case its D:\Apps\AcrobatReader9\Reader\Plugins\SapForms.Api <br /><br />Even if I manually copy these and register them the ActiveX still prompts users. Only after I run the ActiveX as an admin will the form show. I need to know what the ActiveX does that I am missing. <br /><br />Can anyone PLEASE help???