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    Flash net related events not firing while mouse is down.

      I've got a flash client embedded in a pdf and am trying to load content off a site. This works fine as long as the mouse isn't down. As best I can figure out is that the Event.COMPLETE isn't being fired while the mouse is down and as soon as the mouse is released the events come in. That was using the Loader class to load an image, I get the same result when using the ProgressEvent with URLStream as well.

      While this may sound like a flash problem I don't have any problems running the .swf in a browser or by itself only when it's in a pdf is this an issue. I've tried this out in both Windows and Mac versions of Acrobat and I'd assume that there'd be the same problem in Linux, although even if it's not that doesn't help.

      Has anyone else had any sort of issues like this?