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    One or more Adobe PDF extensions are disabled - Citrix Metaframe Environment

      *NOTE* we're still in the testing phases of this project.

      We've have an ASP based application within our system. This app launches PDF documents in the browser during processing.

      2 of the 12 Citrix clients running tests are now reporting that when they get to this portion of the tests they get the error message:
      "One or more Adobe PDF extensions are disabled" and cannot proceed until they exit the app and IE 7, go into Tools - Manage Add-Ons and enable the Adobe PDF add-on.

      This works for their current session but when they log out and log back in the following day the Adobe PDF add-on is again disabled.

      Is there a registry entry for this add on? The users are working with roaming profiles so I'm wondering if this is the culprit but don't want to have to rebuild their profile as a solution. When this app goes live we'll be dealing with over 1000 users and if this still happens we could be looking at a great deal of profile rebuilds.

      Thanks in advance