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    Adobe Reader 8 and Microsoft Office 2003 Error

      I currently have a client who is experiencing an error on their Windows XP machine. Any time that the user opens a .PDF document in Outlook 2003, Word 2003 crashes. Word will try to recover the document, and will ask if it should open in Safe Mode. If the "Save My Settings" wizard is ran, it will fix the issue until next time. Adobe Professional is installed on the PC, and Adobe Reader 8.0 is being used.

      The error in specific is:
      "Word experienced a serious error the last time the add-in 'acrobat pdfmaker office com addin' was opened. Would you like to disable this add-in?
      To reactivate this add-in, click About Microsoft Office Word on the Help menu, and then click Disabled Items"

      I appreciate any help that can be given, and if anymore information is needed, please let me know.