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    Problem with acrobat reader

      I am generating on the fly PDF files from java using Itext.
      Thsi files are printed from very different places using
      different printers but all of them are using windows-XP.

      The files are pretty easy. No special chars, no graphics, nothing
      than text using only three different fonts.

      Sometimes -NOT always- all characters are printed incorrectly.
      More precisely the format is correct but every characters is printed
      PLUS ONE.

      That means if I want to print "Hallo World" the appears
      "Ibmmp!Xpqme". If I want to print 123 it will be printed 234,
      and so on.

      PDF version is 1.4

      Any hint?

      Thanks in advance.


      I really have no idea what is the problem.
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          I am having a problem opening pdf files on the web. When I try to open a file I get an error message that says I am not using the latest version of adobe, which I am. I installed adobe reader 9. I also have deskpdf2.5. I use to be able to open these files. I don't know what happened.


          thanks in advance