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    Embed Acrobat Reader in HTML/ASP-Site

      I have a problem to embed Acrobat Reader 9 in a HTML-Site.
      Before I used Acrobat Reader 7.x. And with version 7 it works fine. Now, I installed Acrobat Reader 9 it works so different. Here my sourcecode:
      "< embed id='PDFOBJ' name='PDFOBJ' src='\\path\document.pdf' width='350' height='290' > < / embed>". With version 9 the following message come:
      "Access denied!" (the user has full access - domain-admin) or the place of the embeded pdf-Document is white!
      i dont know what to do know.
      Much thanks for your help. I changed the sourcecode with blanks, cause otherwise the forum didnt show it...