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    Target Not Found

      I built a flash site for some friends a while back which ended up horribly complicated. I've been out of the Flash loop for about 18 months and can't really remember what I did to put this site together.

      The problem I have is this: I've updated a couple of external flash movies that are called by the main movie to save on download times...only loading what is required.

      One of the external movies has a little button on a page that links to another MC that has an instance name of poupwindow. Basically when you click the button, a page pops up and hovers over the original page with some info which can then be closed by some more script on a button on the pop up page.

      When I modify the external clip and then run the main movie I get an error:
      Target not found: Target="/popupwindow" Base="_level0.instance7.target1"

      Now the popupwindow instance is part of the external movie and works on it's own when run in a Flash player, but when called by the main movie I get the error. The original clip when placed back in the project folder runs fine and I can't see any difference except a bit of text that I changed...it's exactly the same.

      Any ideas on what is going on here and how can I fix it?

      I'm using Action script 2 but on Flash CS3 as it's an old project.

      Any help appreciated.


      Sorry, the script I have for the button is:

      on (press) {
      tellTarget ("/popupwindow") {