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    Acrobat 6 and Reader 9 - Can't open PDF on web


      On my work machine, I have Acrobat 6 installed so I can create PDFs (I hope to get authorized for Acrobat 8 soon). When trying to view/open a PDF on a website, I was getting the following message:

      "The Adobe Acrobat/Reader that is running cannot be used to view PDF files in a Web Browser. Adobe Acrobat/Reader version 8 or 9 is required."

      And the PDF won't open.

      I downloaded Reader 9, and updated both Acrobat 6 and Reader 9 with all updates.

      In Preferences, I have played with enabeling/disabeling the "Display PDF in browser" on both Arobat and Reader with no luck.

      Are there any other settings I need to change to be able to open PDFs?

      Many thanks!
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          . Uninstalling Reader version 9
          2. Installing Reader version 8.1 from the abobe.com website
          3. I then had to uninstall via control panel add remove programs the adobe.com program, and I also uninstalled the Adobe AIR program.
          4. I then checked in my Add Remove programs list and Adobe Reader 9 is still listed, I uninstall it again (why I don't know).
          5. I then view a PDF file outside of Internet Explorer and I have to accept the license agreement in a popup window to get Reader 8 working properly.
          6. I then go to a web page that links to a PDF file and finally I can view PDfs in the browser again.

          We have around 30 PCs in our department with Adobe Reader 9 and some of them work in a browser and some of them do not, so there appears to be a conflict of some sort.

          For info, I have Acrobat Professional 8.1 on my PC also.
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            In trying to solve my problem, I have at least been able to open PDF's by doing the following in Acrobat 6.0 (or I assume any other version you have):

            Open Acrobat
            Goto EDIT > PREFERENCES
            Select Internet
            DESELECT "Display PDF in Browser"

            I can now open web-based PDF's using the 9.0 Reader. Maybe Acrobat has a higher priority as compared to the Reader? I don't know, but my main goal was met. It's yet to be seen if I messed up Acrobat (I haven't had to use it yet), but I hope not.

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              I should have clarified I went into Reader 9.0 and made sure "Display PDF in Browser" was SELECTED, while it was DESELECTED in Acrobat.

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                I'm having a similar problem and am totally frustrated.


                I have an old version of acrobat reader 5, but today I downloaded reader 9, but when I click on .pdf files online, I get the same message saying that I need reader 8 or 9 to open files on the web.... which I have!


                I went in, after reading this thread, and made sure my 5 had the "display PDF in browser" UNCHECKED, and that it WAS checked in 9... but still no dice. For a few years now I've been unable to just click on and open pdf files online, and have been going a long route around by right clicking pdf's, clicking on "save target as", saving the files to my desktop, then opening reader 5 and going to file, open, and opening the file. What a huge pain in the butt though... all I want to do is be able to click pdf files and open them in my browser!!


                Oh, and another bizarre thing that has happened is that since installing reader 9, all the icons on every pdf file on my computer has changed to the icon windows uses for files of an unknown type. Can't figure out why since when I double click any of these files, they open right up in reader 9.


                I'm beyond irritated with trying to figure this out, so I'm open to any suggestions anyone has!

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                  When you say "my 5" and "in 9", do you mean that you have both Acrobat Reader 5 and Adobe Reader 9 installed?


                  That is not good!  You should uninstall both readers, then install Reader 9.1


                  If you have difficulties uninstalling both, use the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility.