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    Reader 9.0 consumes 25% CPU and freezes...open Reader first?

      I was having problems double clicking on a document and scrolling through it. After a few page down clicks, it would consume 25% CPU and lock up. This is on a quad core with 6gb memory running 64 bit Vista. What I discovered was if I instead opened up Reader first, chose Open and browsed to the document, it worked fine. Does anyone know why this might occur? I'm assuming it has to do with how Reader is launched.

      I understand how file type associations and things worked under XP, but I'm having difficulty finding the same thing in Vista to see if there are different parameters being used.

      The same document worked fine on my 4 year old XP machine with Reader 7.
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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          If you had trouble browsing through the document, I'd suspect the
          document is corrupt. However, if you can directly open the document and
          browse through it, corruption is unlikely. It sounds as if two
          processess are trying to handle the document at once. Try turning off
          your virus and spyware protection and see what happens.

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            . Uninstalling Reader version 9
            2. Installing Reader version 8.1 from the abobe.com website
            3. I then had to uninstall via control panel add remove programs the adobe.com program, and I also uninstalled the Adobe AIR program.
            4. I then checked in my Add Remove programs list and Adobe Reader 9 is still listed, I uninstall it again (why I don't know).
            5. I then view a PDF file outside of Internet Explorer and I have to accept the license agreement in a popup window to get Reader 8 working properly.
            6. I then go to a web page that links to a PDF file and finally I can view PDfs in the browser again.

            We have around 30 PCs in our department with Adobe Reader 9 and some of them work in a browser and some of them do not, so there appears to be a conflict of some sort.

            For info, I have Acrobat Professional 8.1 on my PC also.