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    Automate generating savable PDF document

      I have a following situation: I have a web-application for filling of some documents by online, this application have functionality for generation PDF with form of the filled document. It is necessary for me, that I could generate PDF files with saved forms for filling by offline with further sending on server of my application. Besides, when I try to distribute this PDF file by Acrobat Pro, I receive forms at which there is a button of form sending by e-mail. Even if I created the sending button by URL, it is all the same substituted on sending by e-mail. Therefore I wish to learn, whether probably to realise the following:

      1) Creation saved PDF files with forms software. (I have known only about creation XDP of files and their conversion in saved PDF by means of Reader Extension).
      2) If the first variant is not realised, I want to known about possibility of usage "Distribute form" Acrobat Pro for creation saved PDF files without change existing "Submit" sending buttons by URL.