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    Adobe Reader 9/XP Pro   Access Denied Error

      When I try to open a pdf file that is encrypted I get an error that reads "There was an error opening this document. Access denied. I run XP Pro w/ sp3.
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          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          How is it encrypted? It is password protected? Where is the file located?

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            I've suddenly started seeing this error & fear it is related to my upgrade to Adobe Acrobat Pro 9. In my personal life, my father suddenly couldn't open a PDF I made & I thought maybe he had such an old reader, it couldn't handle a newer PDF. Today, however, I received word that an fellow employee is getting this error when she tries to open a PDF that I created since upgrading here at work. My team publishes hundreds of specifications a year in PDF format... with absolutely NO control over what readers customers might use. If Adobe 9 can't create a universally read-able PDF, I need to know if I should downgrade or if there is some other solution. Note: the PDF in personal life was not secured... the PDF in question at work is locked with a password (but only for editing or copying, never been a READ / open problem before).

            Thanks for any advice.