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    Enabling for commenting in Reader problem

      Hi all, I have a strange problem right now, maybe someone here will be able to explain it to me.

      I have some PDF documents that have been "Enable for commenting in Adobe Reader" using Adobe Acrobat 7 Pro. If I open these files with Acrobat 7 Pro and I got in "File/Document Properties/Security" in the "Document Restriction Summary" section, the Commenting feature is set to "Allowed".
      Everything is just fine for now.

      BUT, if I open the same file in Adobe Reader 9 and I right-click in a page and Select "Properties" and go in the "Security" tab, the Commenting feature is now set to "Not Allowed"

      How can that be ? What could have happen so that Acrobat says that commenting is allowed and Reader says not ?

      Almost forgot to mention : those files were enabled for commenting using Acrobat 7 Pro in 2007. Other files which runs perfectly in reader 9 were enabled with Acrobat 7 Pro but in 2008 So could it only be because there was an update during that time period that would have change the way that files were enabled for commenting ?

      Thanks for your help.