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    Adobe taking over my computer

      Hello, I have to have Adobe in order to apply for jobs in my area. I do not like using it, but had to update to the 9.0 so I could post my resume and other documents. The problem is that I can't open any of my word documents because the Adobe interferes and says it can't open the document. Of course it can't; I don't want it to. I want it to leave me alone. Now I'm trying to open an attachment and, sure enough, Adobe butts in and says it can't open it. I don't want it to! I want my word to be allowed to open it without going through hoops to get it. Please tell me how to get this harassment from Adobe to stop. Thank you!
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          ~graffiti Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Without knowing you os all I can tell you is to search your OS help for file associations. Change them to the proper application.
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            I tried that with no luck. I'll have to delete the stupid program and just install it each time I have to use it if I want to get word attachments. The way I figured out to open my documents doesn't work with attachments. I have always disliked adobe; now I hate it.
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              pwillener Level 8
              Do a Word repair install, and it should fix all your file associations regarding Word.
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                I have the same issue
                I am using Vista after installing Reader 9.0 it takes over
                It changes all of my MS office 2007 icons to look like Acrobat icons and then tries to launch adobe instead of my office application such as my outlook I get the following error message

                This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action. Create an association in the set associations control panel"

                Please help!!!! I have checked all the associations and they are correct.

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                  I have the same issue! Ever since I downloaded Adobe 9 (I have VISTA...gr-r-r-r) all my pictures (.jpg) are now in Adobe format and every time I try to open one, it says "file not supported" or "need to make associations." HELP!!
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                    I found it!
                    To open Microsoft Word attachments without Adobe trying to open them and can't is this:

                    Right Click Start, left click Explore, in the Windows Explorer menu bar, click Tools, Click Folder Options, go to the File Types tab, scroll down to the DOC extension in the extensions column, here it will be associated with the Adobe icon, select it, go down to the "Details for Doc extension" section of the dialoge box, and it explains that "You '(it wasn't me!)' have customized files with the extension DOC. To restore these files to their default type (Microsoft Word 97-2003 Document) press Restore." Press the Restore button and the icon changes from an Adobe to MS Word icon. Now the attachments open properly. Worked for me, Whew! What a nightmare!
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                      Oh BTW my solution is for XP.