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    RAISE without a handler; WTF?!? REader 9, Mac

      Yikes! I've just finished weeks of work on my project, using Acrobat Pro 9, just tested it in Reader 9 (Mac), and it crashes on page 5 with this error:
      There was a RAISE without a handler. The application will now exit.

      The page that brings this up, and all similar pages that I've tested (several out of 50+), includes buttons, links, hidden fields, and a .swf file. All work perfectly in Acrobat, and earlier tests have worked fine in Reader, and when opened from online in Safari.

      Now, on the eve of the project deadline (of course), I can't get any of my versions past this error, including the local files and an uploaded sample viewed in Safari (3.1.2).

      I googled the error and find nothing recent except unresolved threads here, from 2007 and 08, that mention Pitstop; I don't have, and have NEVER had, Pitstop.

      PRAYING somebody has some clue

      MacPro, 10.5.4