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    Adobe Reader 9

      Downloaded and Installed Adobe Reader 9. Had to download and install twice due to a problem on 1st Install. Did Uninstall Adobe Reader 9, Adobe.com and Adobe Air and restarted PC before 2nd download.

      Two Questions:

      I now have 2 NEW Icons on my Desktop (Running Vista Home prem 32Bit) 1) Adobe Reader 9 Installer and 2) Adobe Reader 9. I move Desk
      top Icons that I don't use into a Desktop Folder I created labeled "Unused Icons" to keep my Desktop from getting crowded. When I t
      ried to MOVE Adobe Reader 9 Installer Folder Icon to this other Folder I got a message "If you move this folder, it will no longer b
      e Shared". Why? What is this Folder? Can I move it? Is it needed?

      On my 1st Install I noted Program and Features installed 3 programs 1) Adobe.com 2) Adobe AIR 3) Abobe reader 9. After the second In
      stall...I noted Adobe.com was not Installed....Program and Features only show Adobe Air and Adobe Reader 9. Why didn't Adobe.com In
      stall? What is it? Is it necessary\required?

      Thank You
      Operating System: Windows Vista
      Browser: Microsoft IE