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    Where does Acrobat Reader store its print preferences?

      I'm trying to print a file directly with no human interaction using Acrobat Reader. To do such, I'm using the command line arguments "acrord32.exe /t filename \\printerlocation\printer".

      Printing works just fine except for one detail: some of my pdf files need printing with "Auto Rotate and Center" checked and "Page Scaling" to "None", while others need "Auto Rotate and Center" unchecked and "Page Scaling" to "Fit to Printable Area"...

      I've realised that Acrobat Reader stores its last selected preferences (if you close Acrobat and re-open it, these two settings are still set as they were the last time you closed Acrobat) but the question is... where?!

      I've noticed the bprintAutoRotate and the bprintExpandToFit keys in the registry under (HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Adobe\Acrobat Reader\8.0\AVGeneral) and they even change their values whenever I change the options in Reader and close the application, but changing them through my application seems to have no effect - I see the values changing in the registry but Acrobat still prints (and displays if I open the print preferences dialog) the last settings it had memorized before I changed them in my application...

      Is there any other location where Acrobat stores these printing preferences? Is there a way to change these settings through the windows registry or any other configuration file(s)?!

      By the way, I'm using Acrobat Reader 8.1.3.

      Thanks in advance