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    Adobe Reader 9.0  Registry Entries

      I have recently distributed Adobe Reader 9.0 to 4,000+ systems in our domain. I created the install package with the Adobe Customization Wizard 9.0. Unfortunately, I modified one setting that users are complaining about: When launching PDF in IE, prompt user with open/save dialog. I checked it, thus enabling the setting. Users don't wish to have to choose so I am looking for a solution that does not involve modifying the install package in the Wizard and re-distributing the package. I don't see the setting in any of the INI files. I am guessing it is in the MST file though I don't know how this would apply to systems with Adobe Reader 9 already installed?

      I am fairly well versed in Windows batch scripts so I am hoping SOMEONE knows of the Windows XP registry location to modify this option. I poured through the forum and KB to no avail though I did find other registry modification options posted.