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    Outlook Express, Acrobat Reader, File Associations

      I'm sure this will get me flamed but I ran across this issue today and wanted to share my experience with the world.

      Situation: client unable to open attached .pdf documents by double-clicking from within Outlook Express; receiving "This file does not have a program associated with it for performing this action" (or similar) error message.

      I checked the usual suspects and sure enough, there was no association for .pdf when looking at the system File Assocations via the Folder Options applet.

      Thinking I'd found the problem, I detached a .pdf doc from one of the client's e-mail messages, saving it to the desktop. I double-clicked the icon and got the 'Windows cannot open this file, use the Web service or select the program from a list' dialogue box, chose to select a program and picked Acrobat Reader from the list that appeared, making sure I ticked the 'Always use the selected program' option.

      This worked fine for .pdf files opened with windows Explorer/My Computer, however after closing and re-opening Outlook Express it was apparent this had solved nothing.

      The fix I found worked for me:
      0. Start by closing Outlook Express.
      1. Open the Folder Options dialogue box (Tools/Folder Options from any Explorer or My Computer window)
      2. Select the 'File Types' tab at the top of this dialogue box
      3. Locate the .pdf filetype and click 'Advanced'
      4. The 'Edit File Type' dialogue box appears; I found that the 'Open' action is not listed, instead there was a 'Read' option. Click the 'New' button to create a new action
      5. The 'New Action' dialogue box appears; in the 'Action' box, type 'Open' (no quotes) and then click 'Browse'
      6. Locate Acrobat Reader's executable by navigating to c:\program files\adobe\acrobat[x]\ (where [x] is 6.0 or 7.0 or similar) and selecting the 'acrord32.exe' file, then hitting 'Open'
      7. Ensure the 'Use DDE' checkbox is unticked, then hit 'OK'
      8. Open Outlook Express and test that double-clicking a .pdf attachment opens the file directly in Acrobat Reader.

      It seems strange that the Action was missing in the first place; perhaps the result of an historic malware infestation.

      Anyway, sorry for the long post, hope this helps someone!
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          Great post:


          I had same problem:


          Reader 9.1 has two extensions in the file association area:  ACROBATSECURITYSETTINGS and PDFXML.  However  there is no PDF extension.


          Fix: Create a PDF extension.


          Go to control panel > Folder Options > File Types (Tab) > Click NEW . Type pdf in window >  Click advanced in drop down choose Adobe Acrobat Document under association file type > Click Ok > Click OK.