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    Cannot Open Adobe Reader 9

      I have spent the better part of three days trying to follow the threads to fix my problem. Most of the suggestions invlove opening Reader 9 and do this and that. I am using Windows Vista ( which I detest) and I cannot even open Reader 9. I get a window that says "Windows has detected an internal error." No further instructions, no error number, no nothing.

      I have also gone to the Adobe Support site for Reader. Even tho I registered my application, I did not locate my PW. ID is my e-mail but when I go to the "forgot PW" page, and enter my ID, which it says is Step One, the page just keeps saying ID and PW do not match, which is WHY I am at THAT page to begin witrh. This is very frustrating. I am at that proverbial "Catch 22" situation and am pulling my hair out.

      I cannot open any e-mail attachment that is sent in Adobe ( which 95% of them are), cannot begin to fix the problem because I cannot open Reader 9 and cannot contact tech support because they do not allow me to retrieve my PW. Help!!!!!!!!!!!
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          pwillener Level 8
          Can you check the Event Viewer (Applications) if you can find more info on the "internal error"?

          What I would try in your situation is
          *uninstall Reader 9
          *download and install Reader 8.1.3 from http://get.adobe.com/reader/otherversions/
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            Thnks for ur reply. I cannot locate any Event Viewer App or file in my computer. I tried to uninstall Reader 9 per your intelligent suggestion, but it will not allow me to!!!! I get an error message from ADOBE SAYING "error 1606. Could not access network location. %APPDATA%\. whatever the heck that means. All I know is this is getting to be a nightmare. I cannot evem access tech support because the web page insists over and over that my PW and ID do not match, even tho I have gotten the items from ADOBE themselves. And, they will not take a phone call because my Reader 9 has not been registered, even tho it has been. I am THE most frustrated non-techy in Texas now. I have spent about 4 days with running into complete deadends. Any other suggestions? Microsoft wont even talk to me. LOL
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              pwillener Level 8
              See this article on how to use the Event Viewer http://support.microsoft.com/kb/308427

              One problem that you have is that you are discussing the same problem in two different threads in this forum, which are going in different directions; consider stopping one or the other.

              Can you tell me what the contents of your %APPDATA% environment variable is (Start -> Run -> cmd [OK] -> echo %appdata%) - is it pointing to a folder 'Application Data' on your local disk?

              Since you cannot use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility (according to your other thread), can you try to run a Repair Install of your Adobe Reader (Add/Remove Programs | select Adobe Reader | click [Change] | click [Next] | select 'Repair' and click [Next]).
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                Yes, I understand that I am talking now about different threads. Thats because I seem to run across a new problem every time I attempt a fix. Thus the "Catch 22" dead end comment. That is my situation exactly. Now, I cannot even uninstall v9.

                I have no idea what my envirionment variable is, because I find no Event Viewer at all on the list of apps or programs ( and I dont know what an envirionmental variabe is to begin with . lol). Keep in mind that I cannot even OPEN v 9 now to try and use some of the fixes that have been suggested. Nor can I change or uninstall it. I was going to uninstall and try and find an older version, but now that is immpossible.

                And, heres another new tilt. I have been getting messages today that Flash Player wants to re-install. This has happened 3-4 times unsolicited. Am I being haunted by an Adobe ghost??? lol
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                  I'm having the exact same problem with Reader 9.0. I'm not even sure when it started, but I've been unable to open the program and email attachments for days.

                  I have Windows Vista and I've tried everything I've read to make Reader 9.0 work, with no success. I keep getting the error 1606 message when trying to open or unistall the program.

                  Any more suggestions?
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                    I just spent two hours on the phone with the Geek Squad online support tech group. Used remote access, many many checks and several tools. They could not fix the problem either. So if they cant we probably cant either. I wish I had read your reply before I accepted their "verdict" of a possible RAM problem. Your exact same situation would seem to me to disprove that diagnosis and support a theory of some incompatability with Vista and/or MS "Updates." Keep in touch and lets compare notes.
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                      hello, when i try to open an pdf-document. it is opend automatically in word. how can i change acrobat-reader 9 to open the document automatically as a pdf-document?

                      thank's for your advice.
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                        Having same problem cannot open email pdf messages.Using Adobe reader 9.0 and windows XP. Have saved messages o My Documents and then tried to open them with 9.0. Get a blank page. Doesn't matter what source the emails are sent from. At first I would get a message saying "not enough data to open image".

                        Thanks in advance,
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                          SimonATS Adobe Employee
                          Tom is this your own machine or a work machine in an IT managed environment? If the later I'd call IT support before making changes to your system. I suspect that in that scenario you're running into this issue:

                          If it's your own machine, check this MS kb doc:
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                            Thanks Simon; Its my own. I have read and printed the instructions on how fix the error 1606 message. Perhaps I will work up the courage to actually try and follow those instructions. Whew! For a non-computer literate like myself they appear overwhelming. But, it's better than taking the machine into Geek Squad. I'll let you know if I blew the dang thing up!
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                              This does not appear to be a VISTA only problem. See note #8, which states I am having a problem using XP. Another attempt I made to open pdf emails was to copy them on a floppy and then try and open them on another computer that is using Windows 98. Same result. Hey Adobe!!! If you are listening we need help!
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                                pwillener Level 8
                                > Hey Adobe!!! If you are listening we need help!

                                Please open your own thread with your own problem instead of hijacking a thread with a completely different issue.
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                                  Wiilhoite and I seem to be having the same problem. That is we cannot open Adobe Reader9. This does not seem to be a "hijacking" but if it does to you you have my apoligies.
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                                    Well, perhaps as a novice to "threading" I may be guilty of "hijacking" according to some folks' terms. I just wanted to include all of the situations I have run into in attempting to fix the problem in hopes someone might help me get started in the right direction. However, the root problem is that I cannot open Adobe Reader v 9.
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                                      I am having the exact same problem as Tom. I just purchased a new computer for home and it came installed with v9 but it doesn't work. I can't uninstall it and can't install another version of Reader since it states that I already have an improved version. I read in another thread that sometimes 8.1.2 doesn't completely uninstall and therefore v9 may not be completely installed. Is anyone aware of this? This is terribly frustrating. Not only can't I open any pdf files, but when I try to do this on line, it closes the link to the site I am on.

                                      Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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                                        Tom - I am still having the 1606 error problem on my computer using the administrator account. However, my husband created a user account and reader v9 worked. So I created a user account and now I also have access. The adminstrator account is still not running v9 but at least I have access using the user account. Hope this works for you.
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                                          Are you a Domain User or an Admin on your PC? The reason I ask is because you mentiond that you cannot remove Adobe Reader 9. Either cause you don't have permissions. Then again it is Vista so maybe you have to login as the Administrator of the machine. I know it sounds dumb and forgive me for having to ask that but it's a common problem that I've been running into.
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                                            I am the Admin on my PC. I cannot uninstall Adobe Reader 9 when logged on as the Admin, additionally, the computer will not open any pdf files while in this domain. However, I created a user domain and I can open pdf files when I log on as a user. I would like to correct the Admin domain as I am concerned that this will eventually affect the user domains, but at least I have funtionality as a user at this time.
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                                              MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                                              I believe there is a problem with Reader 9 for users with profiles
                                              stored on a server.

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                                                Hi Denise,
                                                I am having the same exact problem as you are having. I am also using Windows Vista and am having problems with Adobe Reader 9.1 The download doesn't seem to fully complete. I also am an administrator and logged in as such on this computer. I had another user account that I created for others that might use this computer. I logged into that user account yesterday and I received notifications that updates were available for Adobe, Internet Explorer, and Firefox. I installed all the updates and got the problem with Adobe Reader. Could the problem have been created by me installing the update for Adobe Reader through the user account? Adobe Reader worked on the user account but then I logged off and logged into my main account (administrator account) and there was a problem with Adobe. I tried to uninstall Adobe Reader (through the control panel) and was unsuccessful (I figured I can uninstall it and then reinstall). I then just deleted the user account and arrived to where I am right now.

                                                I click on Adobe Reader's shortcut on my desktop and get a popup stating:
                                                "An internal error occurred."

                                                Then I close the popup and get the famous green bar from hell that is associated with Vista stating:
                                                "Adobe Reader 9.1 has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available." blah blah blah

                                                I then click to close that window....windows returns a solution...to go to Adobe Incorporated....etc. and sends me to download Adobe Reader 9.1....I proceed to download

                                                First I get a popup window during the installation process stating:

                                                "Welcome to Setup for Adobe Reader 9.1 Adobe Reader 9.1 Setup is preparing to guide you through the program setup process. Please wait. Computing space requirements."

                                                Then the process gets interrupted with this popup:

                                                "Setup Completed Setup was interrupted before Adobe Reader 9.1 could be completely installed. Your system has not been modified. To complete installation at another time, please run setup again. Click Finish to exit setup."

                                                Along with the previous window I also get an error message stating the following:

                                                "Adobe Reader 9.1 Installer Information Error 1606. Could not access network location %APPDATA%\."

                                                There is an Adobe Reader 9 Installer file on my desktop which includes the setup files. I open the setup file to complete the installation process and I get the same error messages.

                                                I believe this problem has to do with the registry.

                                                This is very frustrating. CAN ANYONE WITH INFORMATION HELP PLEAAAAAASSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!

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                                                  Hello everyone,
                                                  Well, I have returned to post my results after searching for a solution for hours and finally arriving to one that was specific to my problem....and I decided to share with others experiencing a similar problem.

                                                  It took a couple of hours of searching but I followed the instructions located here http://support.microsoft.com/kb/886549/ on a microsoft support page and so far the problem has been fixed.

                                                  Hope this helps!!!
                                                  Good luck
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                                                    Thanks for your tread because I have problem and I get reply from this tread help me.
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                                                      Not sure about the solution but seems to be this issue occurs when there is some confliction between Office files and pdf maker. reinstalling Microsoft office will resolve this issue. Try it. Thanks.

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                                                        Wow, thanks SimonATS...the Microsoft link worked!  One of the values was wrong.  I typed what Microsoft said should be there and the I was able to download Adobe with no problem.  I can open Adobe documents.  Thank you sooo much for posting that link.  I love the internet!