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    Encoding in Reader 8

      I have one problem with reading special characters in Reader8.
      I am using third-party program for creating pdf document and it is using ANSI encoding. In Reader7 it is working fine, but Reader8 does not show characters that are unique for my country.

      I open the PDF document

      /Type /Font
      /Subtype /TrueType
      /Name /F15
      /BaseFont /Times#20New#20Roman
      /FontDescriptor 6 0 R
      /Encoding /WinAnsiEncoding

      and here I would like to change the Encoding to Latin2 or CP1252 or UTF-8. I try to substitute the "WinAnsiEncoding" with this tree words, but it is not working. I that possible to do that in this way?

      Thank you for help.