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    Adobe Acrobe 6.0 Standard + Reader 9.0

      Hello, I have a computer that has Acrobat 6.0 Standard in order to create PDFs. However, when the user attempts to open a .pdf in a web browser (as a link) it will not open and gives me the "...need 8.0/9.0 to view" error message. This is why Reader 9.0 is also installed. However, no matter how many file associations I change to 9.0, or whichever options I change in 6.0 or 9.0, I can not seem to get Internet Explorer to attempt to open the link with 9.0! Everytime I click the link, I get the error and 6.0 opens up into a blank document. However, if I download to desktop and open locally, 9.0 opens the document just fine by default. Why cant I set 9.0 to open links in Internet Explorer?