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    Acrobat V9.0 PDF and Reader V5.0 Compatibility

      Hi - I'm having trouble with an Acrobat V9.0 PDF. The file was generated on the PC with WinXP using Acrobat V9.0 Standard Edition.
      I also have access to an OS9.2 Mac which we use to run Adobe Framemaker. The Mac has Acrobat, Distiller and Reader V5.0.
      Am finding that Acrobat or Reader V5.0 won't display V9.0 PDF's, coming up with a read error. I always thought that PDF was portable (Portable Document Format??).
      Has the strive forward with versions now made this portabilty a thing of the past and now version dependant.
      As a test we distilled a PDF using Acrobat V8.0 and this was display'd fine.
      It seems to be an issue with the new realease.
      Percy Lawman
      Bauer Media - England UK