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    Javascript must be enabled to view this document

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      (I have posted this in a different forum but was directed here)

      I am trying to open a PDF file and at the very top of the document reads the following:

      "Javascript must be enabled to view this document, please enable Javascript and reopen the document."

      I have gone into the EDIT > PREFERENCES menu and the option for "enable acrobat javascript" is already check-marked.

      I have tried this PDF on other computers and it opens just fine.

      I am using Windows XP - service pack 3
      I have 67GB of free space
      Error is occuring in Adobe Acrobat Reader v 8.12

      On other computers, I have tried on both Windows 2000 and Windows XP (the ones that open it just fine)

      Any help would be tremendously appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.