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    Adobe Reader 9 locks up on certain files

      I'm running Adobe Reader 9 on an XP machine. Most pdf files are fine, but some are having peculiar behavior. Someone has sent me pdf files that they've created from Excel 2007. If I try to open the file (via double clicking the pdf file or opening the Adobe Reader and using the File-Open options, the software freezes and no longer responds. I must kill it via the Task Manager.

      After some attempts at troubleshooting, I've found a peculiar workaround. If I open the reader software, then change *anything* in the configuration (i.e. changing absolutely anything under preferences), then it will open all the files just fine after that. If I shut down the Adobe Reader and restart, it will not open these files successfully until I do the above workaround.

      Anybody know how to fix this? Very strange.