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    Adobe Reader 9 Print Freeze - includes Fix

      Since installing Adobe Reader 9 on one computer, I cannot print a .pdf file from that computer.

      The print process freezes at the small "Progress" pop-up (0 progress) - eventually freezing the computer altogether - forcing a computer reset.

      Windows XP Pro SP3, network printers connected to another computer on a home network. Printers are an HP Laserjet and an HP Inkjet. Printer drivers are up to date.

      - All other printing, with other file types, works fine from that computer.
      - Prior to installing Reader 9, the 8 and 7 Reader versions printed fine from this computer.
      - The same .pdf files print fine from another computer.

      I've also tried uninstalling Reader 9, and reinstalling it; I also tried uninstalling Reader 9 and re-installing Reader 8, and even re-installing Reader 7. Whatever the problem, it has now disabled .pdf printing from any version of Adobe Reader on that computer, where it had previously worked.

      Again, this ".pdf print freeze" problem is only on this computer, and only after installing Adobe Reader 9.


      The fix:

      Uninstall Adobe Reader 9. Restore computer to a date prior to installing Adobe 9. (Just unistalling didn't do it.)

      Install prior version of Adobe Reader - 8.13 works here.

      I can print .pdf files again.

      I had one .pdf file that I had saved when I had Adobe Reader 9 installed, and still can't print that one.

      I got tried of trying every other "Fix" I could find - none worked. The real fix would have been not installing Adobe Reader 9 in the first place, but maybe this will help someone.