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    Adobe Reader 8 Printing Issue.


      There is an issue I have been facing now a days. Our company application has been upgraded from oracle 6I to 10g. The output thereby comes as .pdf which is then printed on a pre-printed stationary.

      The situation is there are two printers with two paper size settings and two different stationaries (A4 and letter) installed on each user.

      The issue is when a user selects an A4 printer from the print dailog box of acrobat reader, the preview box won't get updated with the new page lengths, instead would print the output on the last page length settings. Suppose he selects A4 manually from the printer properties it would print fine. But again in the next print when he needs to print letter, acrobat would print with the A4 (last settings) and thus the print-out wont fit on the pre-printed stationary.

      For each customer there is one A4 and one letter print and thereby a user can't affort each time to go in the printer properties and give the page length so acrobat reader would update its preview.

      I would be really appreciated if someone would give me a permanant work around for this.

      I apologize for such a long explanation, and also if this topic is already posted elsewhere.