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    Printing with manual scaling - need to 'slide' page around

      Hi, all.

      Using 8.1.2 on a Windows XP box.

      I have a PDF which has some graphics in it (diagrams).

      Each page that has a diagram also has a page number at the bottom. In some cases much of the page is empty space.

      When I print a page, the content of the diagram is too small.

      I am trying to print 'zoomed in', so that I fill the printed page with the useable content of the diagram, as opposed to leaving the page mostly empty, with a tiny little diagram up at the top.

      I go to File / Print Setup / Properties. I can adjust the scaling to zoom in the diagram to a desirable magnification, but the left margin of the printed page appears to be 'locked' to the left edge of the diagram - meaning that if I zoom to the magnification that I want, half of the diagram is pushed off the right side of the page.

      What would be ideal is some way to zoom in to a desired scaling level, and then somehow 'slide' the diagram around so it's oriented in the printout area.

      Is this doable?