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    When I print a PDF from Adobe it creates a border when I do not one

      Hello, I hope someone can help.

      I am creating documents in Quark and Microsoft Publisher.

      These documents have a Orange block banner at the top of the page, this represents the colour of the company I work for. It sits at the top of the A4 page and I have created a large bleed around it in Quark/Publisher.

      When I export the file as a PDF and open the file up in Adobe, the banner is solid at the top of the page with no white border visible in Adobe.

      However when I go to print the document, it prints out with a border. So that the banner is there, BUT there is a white gap between itself and the edge of the paper (this appears to be a border)

      Can anyone provide a solution to how to remove this? Is it something to do with the size of the paper, or something Adobe is doing automatically? I am using Adobe Reader 8.

      Many thanks for any help anyone can give.

      Many thanks