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    Adobe 9 plugin save function does not always work

      This may not be a problem with Adobe Reader or Internet Explorer, but my credit card company says it is, so I need to look.

      When I try to get my on-line statements from a particular credit card company, a new IE window with Adobe Reader running "underneath" comes up fine. When I press the "Save" icon (the floppy disk icon) nothing happens.

      I have done this recently with another similar site (brokerage account) successfully, so my version of Reader and/or IE7 do not seem to be the problem. Note that in all cases the bank/broker do not give direct access to the pdf file, which is probably for security reasons -- in other words, "right-click/save-as" does not work for on-line statements. Instead they run a server-end script which "presents" the pdf to the new browser window. All of this indicates that they have control over the security and therefore disallow me from saving locally.

      If anyone knows of a setting I need to make, or if they can confirm that the problem is on the server end, I could use the help. I want to stay paperless, so you'll be helping the environment if you help me :)

      My alternative is to print the statement, then scan it and throw it out, which is obviously ridiculous :)
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          It is not a reader error. It is how the document has been saved and sent to you.

          Have you tried the save as?
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            I am having the same issue, but only with Reader 9.0. I have another basically identical PC running Reader 8.1.2 which I have not yet upgraded to 9.0 specifically because of this issue.

            Unfortunately, the 'Save As' is not an option, as the vendor's (Sprint) link is to a script which delivers the PDF, not to the PDF file itself.

            Both of my PC's are identical hardware, both running Vista Ultimate 64bit SP1 with IE7, both are kept up-to-date with MS patches. The one running Reader 9.0 began exhibiting this problem as soon as Reader was upgraded.
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              I agree, this doesn't sound like a reader error... Maybe uninstall and reinstall to flush the code?
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                I think every indication so far points directly at Adobe Reader and the plug-in.

                I tried uninstalling and reinstalling Reader 9, and got no change in behavior - it still didn't work.

                I then uninstalled Reader 9, and backleveled to Reader 8.1.1 and it works fine.

                That clearly indicates to me that the issue is with Reader 9. I believe I'll be staying on 8.X until this gets resolved. Maybe just wait for 10.
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                  I am having much the same problem as the OP and Martin.

                  Currently I am running Reader 9 on a Vista computer. This is a new computer and I was able to save my credit card statement in January. Then after I saved my statement in January, I believe I upgraded Reader at some point, and when I tried to save my February statement it wouldn't work.

                  I have tried to right click on the document, and there is no "Save As..." option. But like someone else posted, it's just a long gibberish type name in IE address bar.

                  I also tried printing the document to a file, but that does not work either. It fails to bring up the dialog box asking the usual queations. I can print the document on my printer.

                  I have spent several sessions with the credit card company website tech support people. Per their suggestions I have uninstalled and reinstalled Reader 9, they also had me delete cookies, change popup blocker settings, add security certificates, etc.

                  None of that worked, and they tell me it's an Adobe problem.

                  Like other posters I can save this same statement using my laptop with an earlier version of Reader. In my case Reader 7.

                  Like Martin posted, and the credit card tech people suggested, I believe this is a Reader 9 problem.

                  I hope someone has a fix.

                  Don Sepanski
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                    The same thing here: clicking the save-button does not work. Nothing happens, e.g when trying to save a pdf-file (of a public powerpoint presentation) from IE or Firefox plugin. I am using Acrobat 9 pro, Vista Ultimate 32-bit, IE8.0 and Mozilla3.0.10. The e-mail-button works, but it is unconvenient to use e-mail as a save-function, especially for larger files.


                    I checked the file propertis from properties-security, but there are not any restrictions for the saving of the document.


                    It would be great if someone could tell us how to fix this problem.

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                      I can't tell you why this problem occurs, but one easy fix is to use Firefox instead of either version of Internet explorer. I am using 64 bit Vista with IE 8 and have the same problem with the banking PDFs. Also running the latest version of Adobe Acrobat 9. Tried everything I could think of with no luck. Was able to use "Save As" on other web pages but not with the financials. By chance thought of trying my Firefox browser and voila the "save page as" button allowed me to save the files through the pop up menu. Still bugs me to the point of figuring the issue with IE and Adobe so will post if I find the solution.


                      Good Luck


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                        There was a work around here, who took it down?  Anyway, if you open Acrobat or Acrobat reader and select Edit from the menu and Preference, set the Internet preference not to display in a browser, this should open the document in Acrobat outside of the browser and you can save it from there.  Unfortunately, I have one website where this creates a loop and I have to reboot if I'm opening a PDF from that one web site.  Adobe needs to fix their product to work with IE8 and Windows 7.

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                          I tried this and it worked with one of my financial institutions, thank you. I am now having an issue with another. It does not seem to even recognize that I have Adobe Reader installed and instead of populating the bill within the new viewing window (Printable PDF version), it just shows a note: To view a PDF, you must have a PDF reader. If you do not have this software, simply click here for a free download of Adobe Arobat Reader. Anyone have any experience with this? There must be another workaround.