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    Open PDF from custom menu

      In Adobe Reader 9, there is no offline help available. We have retrieved rather ironically a PDF file copy of the Help content for Reader 9. I have been trying to add a custom menu item to launch the PDF from a chosen location.

      I can create the menu structure using the following command:

      app.addMenuItem({ cName: "Adobe Reader 9 Help", cParent: "Help", cExec: "????" });

      The cExec doesn't load anything at this point because i haven't specified anything, but the menu item "Adobe Reader Help" is now visible.

      N.B. I have at this point hidden all other menu structures/toolbar buttons using a HideMenuItems.js supplied on the online support pages, for anything related to the Internet to meet our customers needs.

      When i try and add a cExec entry into this to open a document as shown below, the menuitem is no longer visible, which might suggest i am getting the syntax wrong here.

      app.addMenuItem({ cName: "Adobe Reader 9 Help", cParent: "Help", cExec: "app.openDoc({ cPath: "/c/temp/myDoc.pdf")}" });

      This is the app.opendoc example i have retrieved from the API Reference PDF file which suggests this format for Reader 8, which is close enough. Earlier Reader versions appear to use the following but this doesn't work either.