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    Adobe reader and acrobat api questions

      Hi all,

      I have been asked to produce a library(dll) that can be used by a developer in an existing application. The idea is that the end user will be able to hover over a pdf object(for example, a pdf file name in a list) and this will cause a preview window to open with the document rendered inside.

      I have been reading up on this and have found myself very confused.

      Before I spend any resources on this project can anyone confirm the following for me please?

      I understand that if I want to render a pdf in a window I would need to use the acrobat API. This would include having a full install of acrobat to allow this to work? Currently I have only reader 9 available.

      If the above is true and I purchase a licensed full version of acrobat and develop my solution. When I then distribute my solution, will the machines then making use of my code also require a full copy of acrobat in order to work?

      I am not being paid for the work and therefore covering the cost of several licensed copies of acrobat is not a solution I would wish to pursue.

      Any comments suggestions would be appreciated.