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    Xerox Global Print drivers?

    elongp Level 1
      We're on Windows XP SP-2 and Adobe Reader and Acrobat 8.12.

      We recently deployed Xerox MFD models 5632, 5645, 5665 and 7345 (color). We are using the latest Xerox Global PCL 6 and PS drivers on all models. When users print documents with letterhead the contains a state seal graphic, in Acrobat the graphic is a very dark box with the seal barely visible. In Reader, it prints fine. Any driver.

      I read the previous posts regarding this and there doesn't seem to be any resolution on the Adobe side. It seems odd that Acrobat blacks it out, but Reader is ok. Any ideas why that happens?

      I've cross posted this on the Acrobat forum.


      E Powell
      Austin, TX