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    Adobe Reader 9 Has Updating Problem(s)?

      Adobe Reader 9 downloaded and installed successfully. The application's fundamental features functioning normally. Problem is experienced when checking for updates (for currently installed version) from within the application by clicking menu 'Help' and then submenu 'Checking for Updates...'. The 'Adobe_Updater.exe' file won't execute through to completion. That being -- checking for updates via the Internet from Adobe's website.

      The 884 topics in the current users forum for 'Adobe Reader' has been scanned for the specific problem being experienced. As a new user to this forum a couple of observations: 1)Category 'Adobe Reader' forum doesn't differentiate between versions -- that is all versions are grouped in the same generic category. & 2)There is no search function available to narrow down viable topics (after all, there are 884 topics to tediouly search through in the category 'Abobe Reader'). Typically there are probably not that many categories with this many topics listed. Anyway, point being a search engine needs to be added (that would address these two points) to eliminate users not willing to plod through a long list of topics, thereby reducing the adding of new topics related to those already listed.

      A little background. System being used is a Dell 'Dimension 8300' with Windows XP Pro (SP3), Pentium 4, 1 GB ram, 102 GB harddrive, and usual malware protection software. Have re-downloaded and re-installed 'Adobe Reader 9' with the same problem being experienced. The problem appears to have something to do with how the 'Adobe Updater' application within 'Adobe Reader 9' is written. As stated initially, the current version won't check for updates from within the 'Adobe Reader 9' application itself, at least when manually initiated by the user. Supposedly the 'Adobe Updater' can check for updates when 'Adobe Reader 9' is started, if the auto-update option is selected with menu drill-down: 'Edit', 'Preferences...', 'General', 'Check for updates'. This option is selected (box is checked), yet updates are not being checked. Since updates are not checked when manually initiated, there is no reason the believe they can be checked automatically. They are not, but again probably due to how 'Adobe Updater' is written.

      Having cursorily gone through all 884 topics listed, several were found related to 'Adobe Reader' not updating as it's supposed to. Apparently this problem related to updating has (does still?) exist in versions prior to 'Adobe Reader 9'.

      I have more details relating to this problem, that can be related in a follow-up post to this topic titled 'Adobe Reader 9 Has Updating Problem(s)?'. But before doing so, is anyone in this forum experiencing this specific problem? If posted replies indicate so, this topic will be expounded upon. If not (hopefully this is the case), some forum member may have experienced this same exact problem and can relate a solution for it.
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          pwillener Level 8
          What version of the updater are you running (check the version of C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Updater6\Adobe_Updater.exe) ?

          What happens if you run the updater directly from this location?
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            BooII Level 1
            'Properties' of file 'Adobe_Updater.exe' in folder 'C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Updater6' shows it to be version ''. If it is executed from this location the following happens.

            The 'Adobe Updater' dialog box (with activity progress bar) first displays text 'Checking for updates for Adobe Updater' and then (from within the same 'Adobe Updater' dialog box) subsequently is displayed the text 'Checking for updates for Adobe Reader 9'. Then a subsequent dialog box also named 'Adobe Updater' displays an activity progress bar, a 'Pause' button, a 'Download only when my Internet connection is idle' check box, and 'Minimize to Tray' and 'Cancel...' buttons. Then a subsequent third dialog box also named 'Adobe Updater' displays text 'Cannot overwrite C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator (Wkgp)\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Updater6\Insta.... Delete the file and click Retry, or click Change Location and choose a different download location.' and 'Retry' and 'Change Location...' buttons.

            The exact same response (outlined in the paragraph just above this one) occurs when 'Adobe Reader 9' is opened (started) by 1)desktop icon, 2)start pinned program icon, 3)start menu program icon, or 4)windows explorer program *.exe icon and then menu 'Help' and submenu 'Check for Updates...' are clicked. The second 'Adobe Updater' dialog box can never be accessed as it is immediately overwritten by the third 'Adobe Updater' dialog box. The third 'Adobe Updater' dialog box 'Retry' and 'Change Locations...' buttons can be clicked. When either button is clicked, the third and second (hidden behind third) dialog boxes are removed from a blank, black 'Adobe Reader 9' background screen, leaving just the blank, black background screen. So 'Adobe_Updater.exe' can be executed 5 different ways, yielding the responsed outlined in the paragraph just above this one.

            There is another 'Adobe_Updater.exe' file (with same version number '') in folder 'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator (Wkgp)\Local Setting\Application Data\Adobe\Updater6\Install\AdobeUpdater'.
            When 'Adobe_Updater.exe' is executed from this location the following happens.

            An 'Adobe Updater' dialog box is displayed with activity progress bar, text 'Checking for updates for Adobe Updater', and a 'Cancel' button. This dialog box is immediately replaced (without being able to click the 'Cancel' button) with another dialog box also named 'Adobe_Updater'. This dialog box displays text 'There are no updates at this time. Please note that some updates for the following products cannot be determined at this time: Adobe Updater' and 'Quit' and 'Preferences' buttons. When the 'Quit' button is clicked this dialog box is closed (not displayed). If the 'Preferences' button is clicked a dialog box named 'Adobe Updater Preferences' is displayed. This box allows one to check for updates automatically (or not), how often, and two additional option selection choices. It also allows one to choose which applications to update and to what file location the updates are downloaded to. The following are my settings: 1)'Automatically check for Adobe updates:' is checked, 2)'Every week' is chosen, 3)My download file location is folder 'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator (Wkgp)\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Udater6\Install'.

            Don't know if this is pertinent, but my update file download location doesn't have the ending folder 'AdobeUpdater' after preceding folder 'Install'. The 'Install' folder contains only folder 'AutoUpdater' and nothing else. I'm expecting to see in it update data (file or folder) along with folder 'AutoUpdater', but then again my circumstance doesn't permit updating. Possibly this is the reason for no update file or folder in this location yet.

            Executing 'Adobe_Updater.exe' from the folder 'C:\Documents and Settings\...\AdobeUpdater' is the only way presently to access the 'Adobe Updater Preferences' dialog box setting. Everything in quotes (i. e. - '...') is exactly the way they (dialog boxes, folders, files) are displayed. Also I have administrator priviledges, so this should not be the reason for not being to check for updates. There may not be any updates available for 'Adobe Reader 9', but at least a check for updates should be allowed and executed.

            Maybe what's related in this follow-up message will lend a clue as to what is going on.
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              I only briefly skimmed what you wrote above, so I may have missed something...

              I have seen software firewalls cause problems with Adobe Updater. Specifically this was with Sunbelt Kerio Personal Firewall. Other firewalls may cause a problem as well. Try turning off your software firewall, then see if Adobe Updater will work.
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                pwillener Level 8
                My Adobe Updater version is - I don't remember from where I downloaded it; either/or

                Can you try to download and install the latest Updater version, and see if the problem persists?
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                  BooII Level 1
                  'Adobe Reader 9' updating problem resolved.

                  Problem first noticed sometime back when 'Adobe Reader 9' would try to automatically update itself to version '6.0.2'. When the update was unsuccessful, 'AR9' would display a dialog box alerting the user to intercede and resolve the issue. The alert dialog box named 'Adobe Updater' displayed text 'Cannot overwrite C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator (Wkgp)\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Updater6\Insta.... Delete the file and click Retry, or click Change Location and choose a different download location.' The alert instructions were unsuccessful in resolving the problem.

                  Upon the suggestion of a respondent to this forum topic, malware protection software (i. e. - anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, etc.) was disabled. Doing this did not resolve the problem. Next step taken was rebooting system into 'Safe Mode with Networking'. Once system finished booting, 'AR9' was opened. Then an attempt to update was performed by clicking menu 'Help' and submenu 'Check for Updates...'. This time I was presented with an 'Adobe Updater' dialog box that permitted the update to proceed. Can't remember or reproduce (now, because 'AR9' is already updated) the 'Adobe Updater' dialog box that allowed the update to continue to completion. I do recall having to check a box selecting the desired update and then clicking a button to start the download. The download was 19.6 MB and it took a little time to finish even with a highspeed connection.

                  Once the download was completed, with the system still booted in 'Safe Mode with Networking' and attempt was made to see if 'AR9' would update or if it was now up-to-date. Neither was the case. It was suspected that 'AR9' had failed to update successfully. While still in 'Safe Mode with Networking' two things were noticed (an added folder and a missing file). In folder 'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator (Wkgp)\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Updater6\Install' there are now two folders named 'AdobeUpdater' and 'reader9dr-en_US' and no separate files. Both folders 'AdobeUpdater' and 'reader9dr-en_US' are empty (contain no content - folders or files). Whereas before the update, folder 'C:\Documents and Setting\...\Install' contained only one folder named 'AdobeUpdater' and no separate files. The one folder 'AdobeUpdater' was not empty. It contained file 'Adobe_Updater.exe'.

                  At this point it was thought the update had failed, as there was no indication that the update actually took place (that is - no dialog box stating the update was successful, even though broadband modem leds showed activity during the download of 19.6 MB). This was observed while system was still in 'Safe Mode with Networking'.

                  Not encouraged with the results of updating 'AR9' in 'Safe Mode with Networking', the system was booted in 'Normal Mode' to see what would happen. After system finished booting in 'Normal Mode', 'AR9' was opened and an attempt to update was tried. User was given the option to select the desired download file and to initiate the download (just as was done before when system was in 'Safe Mode with Networking'). Downloading activity was observed on the broadband modem leds (again just as before). But this time when the download was completed an option to install the download was presented (which wasn't offered when in 'Safe Mode with Networking'). The install proceeded when button was clicked (this time writing activity was observed on the system harddrive). When installation was done notification was given that the update completed successfully.

                  Just to check to see it the update was actually successful, another update was performed, but this time an 'Adobe Updater' dialog box was presented with text 'There are no updates available at this time.'. This same dialog box also has 'Quit' and 'Preferences' buttons that the user can click for the desired action. 'Properties' for 'Adobe_Udater.exe' show current version to be '', which is the latest update available and verifies the update was actually successful.

                  As a note, the folder 'C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator (Wkgp)\Local Settings\Application Data\Adobe\Updater6\Install' still contains only two folders and no separate files. The folders are 'AdobeUpdater' and 'reader9dr-en_US' and both are empty.

                  In conclusion, apparently there was something on the system that originally prevented the update to commence and complete. This limitation (whatever it was) eliminated when the system was in 'Safe Mode with Networking'. With the system in 'Normal Mode' the 'AR9' updates successfully as if there was never a problem with updating. If anyone has any insight as to what was causing this problem, please post. Not being a programmer, it amazes me that the Windows operating system, attendant processes and applications all work together as well as they do. And in my case that's most of the time.

                  Anyway all is well and working now. Thanks to the respondents for their helpful suggestions.