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    Auto-Complete cache clears when upgrading

      Hi There,
      I noticed when upgrading from Adobe Reader v8 to v9 the "Entry List" for the forms auto-complete cache is cleared. Is there a way to have the cached items copied over to the new version when the upgrade is done? We've found this to be a big deal for our users.

      I'm also trying to find where the file is located which stores the list of cached items if anyone knows where that is.


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          pwillener Level 8
          I don't know the answer to your question, but my guess is that all data associated with Adobe Reader are lost when version 8 is automatically uninstalled before installing version 9.

          You would have to look for these items before the upgrade, save them, and restore after the upgrade.
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            BuckyIT2 Level 1

            I know for Adobe Reader version 9 each user's specific cache file for the Auto-complete is stored in their local profile C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Adobe\Acrobat\9.0\Preferences in a file called AutofillDefaults.dat. If there is a similar file for Adobe Reader version 8 (possibly C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Adobe\Acrobat\8.0\Preferences) and if the file is named the same you can write a start up script when the user logs in to copy the autofill file from the version 8.0\Preferences folder to the version 9.0\Preferences folder. May want to test out first before fully distributing. Hope that helps.