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    Search a text file

      Hi guys

      I have been stuck with this one for a while and I was hoping somebody might be able to help.

      I am using Adobe Reader 9 and I am using a little program written in AutoIT to search for a text string. I know that I will not be able to search the text string while my file is in a PDF format. To get around this I have tried the option to: File > Save as Text in order to save my PDF document as a .txt file. However my .txt file, when generated from Adobe is still not searchable.

      I can search a text, if I create a notepad file for example and add some text, but this I cannot do if it gets generated from the Adobe reader. Maybe I should find a new reader because I have tried a number of different writers and those files fail also...

      Are there any suggestions for my dilema

      Thank you