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    XP/Vista x64 not printing correctly


      I've got a very bizarre issue at the moment with x64 versions of the os. Opening PDF's in the design office on 32-bit machines, and they print perfectly. These are AutoCAD and Solidworks generated documents.

      If we print them via x64 to a deskjet, designjet (plotter) or laser (all HP devices) we get the same issue... Not all of the lines are printed from the document. For example, if we have a section (2 vertical lines with hatching in the middle) it may print the hatching, but not the vertical lines!

      I've tried upgrading the Adobe Reader (now 9) and Printer drivers, but still have the issue. All of the PC's have now been upgraded to 64-bit (due to the level of Solidworks being delivered), and the engineers are a bit upset about having to reboot into 32-bit just to print a clients drawing...

      Anyone else met this issue, or got a fix? I've spent a good few days googling, and cannot find an answer...