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    pdf  attachment problem.

      I write a small newsletter which I convert to a pdf. file and then attach it to an email. I have 3 people out of 150 who claim they get large pdf attachments from other people, but not from me. Why would most everyone else get my attachments except 3 people. Do I need to do something on my end or is the problem on the receiving end? Thank you.
        • 1. pdf attachment problem.
          MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional
          There are two reasons I can think of off hand that would cause a problem.

          1) Email is a method of sending ascii information through the internet.
          Since attached files are not necessarily ascii, different methods of
          encoding the attachment and converting it to ascii have been developed.
          Both the receiving and sending email programs, must understand the
          method of encoding used. If not you are out of luck.

          2) If the people are trying to read their mail at work, their employer
          might have a policy of either not allowing attachments. They can either
          reject all mail with attachments or they can strip the attachments from
          the email.