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    Reader 9 hangs at startup - CP932.TXT

      When starting reader 9 by clicking a PDF or opening a PDF from a browser, on some machines reader starts, but hangs after start, not displaying the PDF, eventually "Not Responding" in the taskmanager.

      When starting reader first, then opening the same PDF's trough "File-Open...", everything works perfectly.

      When monitoring this with procmon, i found out it hangs on trying to read:
      "C:\Program Files\Adobe\Reader 9.0\Resource\TypeSupport\Unicode\Mappings\win\CP932.txt"

      Indeed that file does not exist on the pc, but it also isn't there on workstations that work correctly.
      When copying an existing CP*.txt file and renaming this to CP932.txt everything works like clockwork!

      I know these are codepage mapping files...

      Can somebody tell me why this file is needed when launching reader by clicking a PDF, and not when starting reader, then opnening the PDF?

      What problems can it cause to take another CP*.txt and copy/rename that to CP932.txt? Ok, codepage mappings will not be correct, but is this file used and when is it used?

      Thanks in advance for any reply,

      Thomas Verschuren
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          pwillener Level 8
          Codepage 932 is a Japanese Shift_JIS extension. Most likely you will never use or need it. However, I wonder why it's disappeared?

          Possibly reinstalling Adobe Reader will restore the CP932.TXT file (Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs | select Adobe Reader 9 | click 'Change' | Next | select 'Repair' etc...).

          P.S. you can also find file CP932.TXT for download at http://www.unicode.org/Public/MAPPINGS/VENDORS/MICSFT/WINDOWS/CP932.TXT