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    Adobe Reader 9.0 + Vista + IE7 = "Save Copy" button not working

      I had this in the Acrobat forum previously.. possibly not the best location for it.

      Basically the issue is this:

      When opening up PDF's from a few sites (listed further down), they open in the browser (which is what we want).
      When you click the "Save Copy" button (depicted by the disk on the toolbar), nothing happens. Doesn't prompt for a save location, nothing.
      Some sites work, some don't.

      So we tried older version of Reader (8.x) - worked fine with all sites.
      Found out eventually that if we turn off "Protected Mode" in IE7, it works fine... However, we shouldn't have to make our PC's vulnerable to be able to save PDF files.

      Here's some of the sites that cause the issue - any ideas? :)

      (ALL PDF's on the above sites - which is why i didn't reference any specific PDF files)