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    Cannot print pdf

      Hi I cannot print any pdf files on my pc. I've tried to print different files to 3 printers and none of them print. I click File - Print, and from there all I get is an egg timer and a not responding warning, I do not even see the print window. I have to go into Task Manager and do an End Task. All none-pdf files print without a problem.

      I've done a repair on the program and even re-installed it from the Adobe website, but still the problem persists. I'm using Adobe Reader version 8.

      Any help would be appreciated thanks..
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          Hello, I experienced the same issue with printing a .pdf file and tried same attempts to fix it since I installed Adobe reader 9.
          Moreover, recently I forgot to go into Task Manager and do an End Task of printing and I the print window came out after approx 45 min. I repeated three times successfully the "waiting experience" when printing a .pdf file. It looks like it take simply much too long to open the print window - I do not know how to fix the issue, I have tried to repair as well to re-install Adobe reader 9 and the problem still persist.

          Any help would be appreciated

          Thanks and regards
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            You can try to use whe windows printscreen function to print your files if you can't print them directly from adobe reader.
            director web
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              Many thanks for your guidance. It's works for me.
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                Frieworks will work
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                  What is "Fireworks" and where can I get it and how do I use it???

                  I am also having a printing problem whereas ever since I downloaded
                  Adobe Acrobat-9, I cannot print anything from Adobe. It will display the article that I am trying to print but in a magnified version so as to not be able to view the full document on one page. Also, when I try to print the document and call up the print menu page, it is also magnified so much so that I cannot see the Print button and Adobe will not let me scroll down the Print Screen in order to display the Print button. I have deleated Adobe and reinstalled it, but I still have the same problem.

                  Will "Fireworks" fix this problem????? Otherwise, how do I get around this problem???????

                  Thank you, Rose
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                    I am currently testing this with a user.

                    I have tried several printers and reinstalled Adobe several times, suspect profile issue as when I log into her machine it is fine and I can print ok.

                    I will test again with her thi safternoon and recreate her profile and check on if it works.
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                      Deleted and recreated profile and now works fine